Elle (tragicfolklore) wrote,

So I put on these crazy dollar-store nails. But they're zebra-striped, which makes them cool.

I also randomly decided to take a picture of my newest pride-n-joy item in my room: an MCR poster.

Gerard doesn't look so fabulous in this picture, unfortunatly. But Frank does!

I honestly think Gerard is an angel, after reading this one article in a magazine.

So after reading about these other concerts where misogynistic males will lecture men at their concerts to strip off girls clothing articles, and demand that they show their boobs, I became rather upset. I thought how fortunate it was that I've never ran into that problem at the few dozens of concerts I've gone to. (Not that there's anything to show anyways, but it's the very idea that bothers me, to understate my feelings.) And then I read this quote and it made my day.
Writer: *to Gerard* "You know when you tell the girls in the crowd not to flash their tits at bands who ask them to?"
Gerard: "Yeah."
Writer: "Don't you feel a bit pious?"
Gerard: "I do worry about being pious, sure. But it's also important to me, to us, that our audience know that they don't have to act in that stupid way that some rock bands want them to. They don't have to flash their tits at the band just because the band wants them to. And, more that that, we don't want them to act that way."
Writer: "If you were to ask the girls in your audience to flash their tits at you, how many of them do you think would comply?"
Side note: (Gerard thinks of something. And this something, for him, is worth believing in.)
Gerard: "Sure, there'd be those that would do that. We don't have complete control over our audience, and neither do we want complete control over our audience. But what I do want is to be able to relate to at least some parts of the audience. So while there are people out there who will get their tits out simply because I ask them to - simply because I'm some guy in a band - there are also those that'd be really disappointed that I did ask them to. And it's those people that I'm interested in."

Also, you guys are going to kill me, but I'm thinking of changing my screen name, again. For like, the fifth time. Yeah I know, this irritates you all. (Jess, it's your fault for having such a cool new screen name. lol.) But mine just doesn't appeal to me anymore. Does anyone have any ideas?
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