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So we proceeded to head 3 long hours to Norfolk, Virginia in order to go see Old Dominion University. You guys wouldn't believe how cool it was. When Green Day + My Chemical Romance were touring together, the held a concert right in the university. Plus they had the Killers and a lot of other great mainstream bands play there at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. ARGH! I really wish I could've seen the MCR concert. I've been kicking myself all day!

So anyways, after the tour, I went to PETA headquarters. I was really nervous, because here I was just walking in like "uhm, I just wanted to visit...err..." But the people there were so friendly. They even brought their cute dogs with them to work. And I got to get all the posters and literature I wanted. They even gave me forms to fill out for activism and volunteering in case I do move there.

To be honest, Norfolk was a really friendly place, with pretty waters that are awesome for sailing on (which they do have a very successful sailing club in case I ever wanted to get into that). I'm starting to consider moving there, despite the fact that it's even more south than where I am right now.

Then I told off some dickhead on myspace:

Him: "Hey sexy. Whatchu up 2? well i seen your pics and profile and liked it take a look at mine and see what you think."

(Cocky, isn't he? This guy, by the way, has a picture of his arms wrapped around two girls with a beer in each hand. Like I want to be one of those girls?)

Me: "I don't like any stranger who calls me sexy."

Him: "Well sorry to bother you there, little miss princess."

Me: "Actually asshole, I'm not a princess, nor am I one of those stupid whores you expect to just drop at a man's feet the instant he tries and compliments a girl with a lame pick-up line. You treat me with respect, not like a cheap slut you find at a nightclub. You can save the lines for those types."

He then proceed to say that my nose doesn't get any respect, or something really ignorant like that. Pssh, I can't even think of a comeback as unintelligent to top that. That was just pathetic.

I hate living around hicks, needless to say. But I'm looking forward to...whatever university I decide to go to next semester. I think I've narrowed it down to some pretty good ones. All I can say is, I'm there wherever the concerts are.

Edit:// The OC is god. Seth Cohen better not do the weed! He's too cool/emo for that.
I want to marry half the cast. :D
(Not Ryan, though. His name is the same as my ex's, and he's kind of a dweeb.)
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