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This song (Soul Meets Body) has made my whole day easier and more peaceful. I haven't gotten angry even once today. I wish I could be this peaceful for most of the time...

Unfortunatly my parents are downstairs like *crycrywhinebitchmoancomplainYELLwhinemoancry* It's SO annoying, I wish they'd just go find a way to solve their problems, instead of complain about them all the time. I mean, she yelled at me yesterday to solve my problems and start moving on with my life, and I've been working at since. It turns out all I need is to go to a four-year college in a big city around the mid-atlantic area, and I'll be just fine. I think....anywho, at least I'm one step ahead. I'm thinking....Pittsburgh. I liked it there when I went to see the Dresden Dolls in concert. So why not?

anywho, I want everyone to comment on something random. ANYTHING random that they want to say. Just do it! It'll be fun.
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