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Fun with Xcore haikus

she did it again
i just put on my ipod
and ignored her

say that there will be
someone on the other side
to resurrect me
(ooohh, that sounds so emo.. :/ )

squeeze through the bars
breaking bones inward and
collapsing myself

something inside me
just feels so sick and i want
to purge it all out

nasty octopus
taste in my mouth turns out it
came from the fish oil

order to fit through
turning myself into some
misshapen image

everyone else's
fault except hers the one who
walked out on us

fat i have to eat
chinese delivery now
happy holidays
(<- that sounded the most like a haiku to me. ^_^)

Yes, this did all come from my journal. And yes, I did have WAY too much fun with these. :3
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